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This journal has been moved to Dreamwidth; feel free to come over there for a complete fic list. New stories will continue to be crossposted here, but I'm not going to maintain two indexes either be crossposted or, more likely, announced here and at DW and posted at AO3.

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Further adventures in short fiction.

Title: Primary Sources
Pairings: Watson/Morstan, Watson/OFC, but in most ways it is a Holmes and Watson story.
Rating: there's no explicit sex or violence, but I hope it's reasonably adult.
Wordcount: 4600 words

Summary: A Watsonian little story about gender, friendship, and textual uncertainty. Character death (and/or undeath) as you'd expect from a book-canon context.

I started this in about January and couldn't get it to circle back around properly at the end. So I set it aside, came back to it this week, and now I think it might be doing what I want it to do. If not, oh well, I will just have to write another story (perhaps with a beekeeping scene).

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Why look, it's fic.

So some of us have been having not-so-fantastic weeks. Which can lead to a person getting caught up on her television viewing. And then a person might really want a nice cheerful story in which Amy, Rory, and the Doctor go swimming on the TARDIS, and, failing to find one, a person might have to just sit down and write it herself.

We aren't going to talk about what I was supposed to be writing instead, yesterday, or my apparent inability to write a PWP without getting any meta in it.

Towels, at the AO3, is Amy/Rory/Doctor and about as close to cheerful fluffy kitties fic as I am ever going to get. There are no warnings. Heck, I don't think there are even, technically speaking, any naughty words.

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I blame the jetlag.

The internet is the only place I know where one can write Sauron/Voldemort assbaby fic as commentary on a recurrent social interaction management problem and doing so makes sense.

From the depths of Cofax's comment section (she says it's easier to link to if I repost, ha ha), and via an inspiring remark from [personal profile] legionseagle:


"It's, well, it's very..." Lucius Malfoy frowned at the thing in the basket. It waved a pale green appendage at him and leaked something disgusting from its single giant eye.

The Witch-King of Angmar reached for a blanket embroidered with little duckies. Little duckies with horns and claws, breathing fire. ::The glorious physical expression of the great bond between our overlords is ready for his afternoon feed:: he communicated, settling the cloth over his armored elbow.

Lucius sniffed as he lifted the infant, remarkably dense for its size, and passed it to the Nazgul. "Oh, it's -- oh, my. It needs a clean nappy."

::Are all your lord's lackeys as squeamish as you are?:: the Witch-King wondered ::And if so, how do you manage to get the ritual sacrifices done in a timely fashion?:: He popped the nipple in the baby's mouth and chucked it under its almost-invisible chin as the level of the viscous red liquid in the bottle began to drop. ::There's a good baby:: he crooned. ::Drink that all up and we'll slaughter another innocent for you! Won't that be nice! I have one all nice and drippy down in the dungeon, pudding, whenever you're ready::

The baby curled a tentacle around the bottle, waving the other through the air for a moment, clenching and unclenching in time with its sucking, before it caught hold of one of the spikes on the Witch-King's helmet. The metal hissed and began smoking, drops of acid dribbling onto the Nazgul's robes. He mopped at them idly with one corner of the baby blanket and cooed at the infant.

Lucius looked away. For years, now, he'd wished Draco were...well, more what he'd been hoping for in a son. Taller. Nobler. Not constantly whinging. But. Well. Perhaps the boy wasn't so bad, considering.

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And then I wrote some Holmes/Watson.

I don't know what it says about me that I apparently think it's reasonable to give smut as a birthday gift, but I guess I'm That Sort of Person now. A belated birthday present for [personal profile] amaliedageek, with the usual thanks to Cofax for beta.

Title: Quite Enough
Pairings: Holmes/Watson
Rating: adult
Wordcount: 2585 words

Summary: It's my version of the angry bantery hurt/comfort and makeup sex scene which was obviously cut from the latter part of the 2009 film; as you can probably guess from that description, moderate spoilers and mostly movieverse, with a couple of oblique references to book canon.

Warnings: They're patching each other up after a fight, so there's a little blood and grime.

"Quite Enough" at AO3

...why yes, I've been posting a lot of fic in the last few weeks. No, I don't know what's going on there, either.

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In which I clean out my fic folder.

Both of these bits were written last year, and I thought at the time that they might turn into the starts of bigger stories. But, well, they didn't, and rummaging through the hard drive (as one does) while I was uploading to AO3 earlier today, I thought, you know, there's really no reason not to post these. If I get back to them, I get back to them, and if not, they're both perfectly respectable stand-alone shorts, even if they are heavy on the dialogue and light on the descriptions. And they've been sitting for two to six months, and on reread neither embarrasses me, so -- hey. Out into the world with you, little fics! Have fun! Make friends!

Three Card Monte is a Leverage gen fic with card tricks, Parker and Sophie being sly, and the kind of sublimated Parker/Hardison I hope you've come to expect from my shippy self.

Undoing is about a thousand words that I wrote at the end of the second series and thought might turn into a plotty Lewis fic in which Lewis and Hathaway would solve a mystery and maybe stumble angstily into bed, but then I watched the third series and, well, they didn't. Alas! As is, it's essentially an episode coda for the second season finale.

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Reveals time!

This year for Yuletide, I wrote Yum Cha, a post-canon story for the very cute movie Saving Face. Yes, mostly this was an excuse to write a sex scene involving custard bao. My proclivities, let me own them (I also managed to work trains into this story! No mammoths, though. Alas.)

I didn't realize until yesterday that this was actually the second story I wrote last year in which people go for dim sum. Clearly, I should be brunching more often.

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More Yulerecs!

I've been stuck in bed with a head cold for a couple of days, eating holiday chocolate and reading Yuletide, and so I return with further readables for all y'all. Also, it is nearly as much fun to see folks reccing the story I got as it is to see folks reccing the story I wrote. Hee. And the new DW thing that lets me see all the new public "yuletide"-tagged posts as they come in? That's brilliant, folks.

Two stories from McKillip's Riddle-Master of Hed trilogy which worked for me: Mountain Time and The scars on his hands. Of the two, the latter, which is about Har of Osterland, has probably stuck with me a bit more. I still want an epic Rood/Lyra romance, which I am noting here mostly so I will remember to either request or write it next year.

Sticking with book fandoms: I enjoyed this Swordspoint story, What's Past Is Prologue, and Sworn In Silence, a Vorkosiverse backstory for Aral, Piotr, and Prince Xav.

In comics: Five New Love Truths You Need To Know is a great Dykes To Watch Out For story about Janis learning to date. Recoil and Grace is a Sandman story which doesn't work for me completely, but does give me a very 1996 sort of feeling.

And finishing with the funny ones, this time: Robots Need Love Too is, er, baby Mythbusters in spaaaaace -- and yet, despite the basically cracked premise, it works and is adorable. I don't know the canon for [I succeeded in crawling into the breast of my big boss!] but it's one of the better stories about a cat I've read in a long time. I also don't know why The Big Bang Theory is a Yuletide-eligible fandom, but hey, The Cheap Trick Acceleration is a cute story. And chances are good you've already read In Pompeiium, a crossover between Dr. Who and the Cambridge Latin Course, but if not, you ought to.

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In which we enjoy the traditional failure of the servers.

Well, the archive is down at the moment, so this seems like a fine time to post the results of my first day of reading.

First, of course, I got an absolutely darling Up story, told from Carl's POV, with Ellie being bright and fantastic and admirable and wise and, hey, getting actual dialogue. We'll Make It A Joint Venture is a lot of things I wanted to see in the movie and didn't, and I'm just so pleased to have it. I love the high school scene. Thank you, Yulewriter!

Funny stuff: Wait Wait Don't Eat Me is...pretty much Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and Zombies. I sat here at the breakfast table and read most of this one aloud, and I recommend that you do the same. Also quite funny (and very meta) is The Pigeon Wants A Story, in which Mo Willems' pigeon writes Yuletide. Hee. And, slightly more adult, For The Sake of a Motorized Scooter is an entertaining Flight of the Conchords story in which Brett and Jemaine once again fail at adulthood and engage in shenanigans (including huddling for warmth).

We got a really great Love and Rockets story this year, El Búho de Engranajes, in which Our Heroes are growing older and more surreal and Ray learns what Maggie's superpower is. I am impressed.

Stories in which I was impressed by the use of a historical setting (look, we all have our own reasons for liking stuff, and I will totally cop to mine): Underground, a Kavalier and Clay story which uses subways as a metaphor in ways I appreciated. Reservoirs takes Bran and Will from Susan Cooper's Dark is Rising series and recontextualizes them into modern Welsh politics; there were some things about this story which weren't very clear to me, but I liked the writer's effort to take Cooper's characters out of the deliberately-timeless world of the series.

Saddle Up is my favorite of this year's Buckaroo Banzai stories. In Which Tazendra Catches a Thief is a story set in Brust's Dragaera, in which Tazendra picks a fight with the wrong Jhereg. And I have kind of mixed feelings about Baga, a story set in the future of McKinley's Damar, in that I don't know that I buy its take on Damarian gender relations, but I do like having a slightly different take on the Northerner problem.

And there's a quite a nice story for Chabon's Gentlemen of the Road (which I totally meant to request myself, this year, but failed to); sadly, it didn't get into my bookmarks and the archive is still clonking, so you'll either have to look for yourselves or wait and see if I get around to writing another links post.

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