January 9th, 2010


In which I clean out my fic folder.

Both of these bits were written last year, and I thought at the time that they might turn into the starts of bigger stories. But, well, they didn't, and rummaging through the hard drive (as one does) while I was uploading to AO3 earlier today, I thought, you know, there's really no reason not to post these. If I get back to them, I get back to them, and if not, they're both perfectly respectable stand-alone shorts, even if they are heavy on the dialogue and light on the descriptions. And they've been sitting for two to six months, and on reread neither embarrasses me, so -- hey. Out into the world with you, little fics! Have fun! Make friends!

Three Card Monte is a Leverage gen fic with card tricks, Parker and Sophie being sly, and the kind of sublimated Parker/Hardison I hope you've come to expect from my shippy self.

Undoing is about a thousand words that I wrote at the end of the second series and thought might turn into a plotty Lewis fic in which Lewis and Hathaway would solve a mystery and maybe stumble angstily into bed, but then I watched the third series and, well, they didn't. Alas! As is, it's essentially an episode coda for the second season finale.

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