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More Yulerecs!

I've been stuck in bed with a head cold for a couple of days, eating holiday chocolate and reading Yuletide, and so I return with further readables for all y'all. Also, it is nearly as much fun to see folks reccing the story I got as it is to see folks reccing the story I wrote. Hee. And the new DW thing that lets me see all the new public "yuletide"-tagged posts as they come in? That's brilliant, folks.

Two stories from McKillip's Riddle-Master of Hed trilogy which worked for me: Mountain Time and The scars on his hands. Of the two, the latter, which is about Har of Osterland, has probably stuck with me a bit more. I still want an epic Rood/Lyra romance, which I am noting here mostly so I will remember to either request or write it next year.

Sticking with book fandoms: I enjoyed this Swordspoint story, What's Past Is Prologue, and Sworn In Silence, a Vorkosiverse backstory for Aral, Piotr, and Prince Xav.

In comics: Five New Love Truths You Need To Know is a great Dykes To Watch Out For story about Janis learning to date. Recoil and Grace is a Sandman story which doesn't work for me completely, but does give me a very 1996 sort of feeling.

And finishing with the funny ones, this time: Robots Need Love Too is, er, baby Mythbusters in spaaaaace -- and yet, despite the basically cracked premise, it works and is adorable. I don't know the canon for [I succeeded in crawling into the breast of my big boss!] but it's one of the better stories about a cat I've read in a long time. I also don't know why The Big Bang Theory is a Yuletide-eligible fandom, but hey, The Cheap Trick Acceleration is a cute story. And chances are good you've already read In Pompeiium, a crossover between Dr. Who and the Cambridge Latin Course, but if not, you ought to.

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