Fic, Blazing Saddles: Pasghetti Western (teen, Sheriff Bart/Waco Kid)

Title: Pasghetti Western
Author: Circadienne
Rating: Teen, if that.
Characters: Sheriff Bart, the Waco Kid
Summary: Riding off into the sunset ain't what it used to be. Except for how it kind of is. About 1,200 words and completely tasteless.

Pasghetti Western

We watched Blazing Saddles on TV, Sunday night, and afterward I kind of had to write this. And hey, look, unlike every other obscure fandom thing I've written in the last couple of years, this one actually matches up with an unfilled Yuletide request. So I've stuck it over there, because that's where people go to look for obscure stuff.

It's in completely poor taste, but given the source, what did you expect?

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Fic, Star Trek: Two Sides (teen, Uhura)

Title: Two Sides
Author: Circadienne
Rating: Teen, I suppose. People have sex, but not very explicitly.
Characters: Two Uhuras, two Spocks, a couple of Kirks, and a starship in a pear tree.
Summary: Across two universes, things change. And things don't change at all. About 4,000 words and the usual expressions of gratitude to [info] - personalcofax7.

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I'm just fannishly productive as hell lately, ain't I?

As a Christmas present and thankyou for betaing both my Yuletide stories this year, I read Cofax's Supernatural story "Her Tracks Are On The Land" (gen, teen) to the computer. You can download an audiobook (.m4b) version via the link below. I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out, though there are still more microphone artifacts than there would be in my Platonic ideal podfic.

Directions: Follow the link above. Scroll down. There will be two columns of text, one that says "Premium" and one that says "Free." Click on "Free." Then it takes you to a thing where you wait for a minute, then type four letters into a box to make sure you're not a bot. You do that and click "ok." Then it downloads.